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Jai Bharath Arts & Science College is an institute committed to provide world-class career-oriented Education and Training started in the year 2002 at Arackapady ,Perumbavoor .The college is affiliated to MG University ,Kottayam It is about having exceptional facilities and highly qualified dedicated faculty that stand behind its students. It is about achieving a rich and balanced teaching experience, inside and outside the classroom. The Institute is committed to maintain a position at the forefront of knowledge, graduate the most talented and qualified students in the region who are capable of playing an active role in the continuing development of their chosen profession and supporting the needs of the local industry and society. The outcome based education systems are introduced and it permits the students to learn and acquire specialized skill by studying job oriented and advanced learners courses along with their studies. Now the college offers 7 PG courses & 12 UG courses



Jai Bharath is dedicated to the establishment of an educational institution with an unwavering commitment to academic excellence. Our foremost objective is to foster a learning environment that empowers students to think critically, nurture creativity, attain technological literacy, and master the art of effective communication. We aspire to produce graduates who are not only well-versed in their chosen fields but also possess the skills to navigate a rapidly changing world. In tandem with our educational mission, we hold a strong commitment to serving the broader community by offering accessible, high-quality higher education that is also affordable. Our vision encompasses empowering individuals with the knowledge and tools they need to thrive in the modern landscape, overcome challenges, and make meaningful contributions to society. Through these principles, Jai Bharath endeavors to become a prominent institution of learning and a catalyst for both personal and societal advancement.


Empowering students with innovative and techno-savvy, learning, teaching, mentoring, peer and co-interaction, experiential learning, industrial visits, yoga, meditation, and a variety of personal development programmes for the realization of the abundant potential of individuals. Jai Bharath envisages creating a teaching and research-oriented institution of higher-level learning. Jai Bharath provides the needs of the students to pursue their education goals, facilities to determine the direction of their profession, and a respectable position in the community and society with superior intellectual and working skills. Jai Bharath aims to explore, develop and apply human and technological capabilities for the benefit of the regional, national and international community. Also aim to develop culture, character, and competence. And to make students responsible and useful citizens of the country.


Chairman's Message

Er. A.M. Kharim
B.Sc.(Engg), MIE

The Governing body believes that it has a special commitment to support each individual's goals. To this end, the college places emphasis on a world-class education that prepares students academically, personally, and professionally for successful careers in their chosen fields. Policies, programs, and activities, which have been designed to implement this philosophy and purpose statement, are evaluated periodically and changed, as necessary, to meet the needs of the student body and the intuition. Our educational approach is process-oriented; our emphasis is on bridging theory and practice, and in learning through collaboration and participation. We strive to ensure that the time spent at the college is a time of growth, discovery, and achievement.


Principal's Message

Dr. Nithesh K N

"Our college's main objective has always been to give the best education that has quality industry-related courses along with the University curriculum. This will make our students capable and equip them to face the academic and non-academic challenges that may come their way. This primary aim of our institution will be realized by helping students find their purpose- both academically as well as non-academically and Jai Bharath College with its unique design of curriculum as approved by the University is striving to achieve that. Teaching what is required in the syllabus may not be enough to achieve full growth as students. That’s why we are including add-on courses also in our curriculum that the students can opt for, as elective courses which are taught after college timings in the campus itself. In all streams, students are given industry-linked training as per their choice and for this, we are bringing in experts from the industry as well as organizing seminars/workshops to get maximum exposure for the students in their required fields. Also in association with the elected class representatives and the student’s Union, the college is trying to explore the talents of students in arts and related fests. Intra and inter-collegiate art festivals are planned along with sports days which are conducted annually in the college. Training programs are intended for the selected students so that they can participate in the University Arts Festival. Placement drives and job fairs will definitely benefit the outgoing students that are conducted in cooperation with different government and non-government employment agencies. We are expecting the very best for our students and strive for the best placements that are on offer. I welcome you dear students to a fulfilling and informative time at Jai Bharath College"



Dr Pradeep Kumar C
Ph.D. in Management, Master of Business Administration ( HR)

Prof Pradeep Kumar C is an IIM Alumni brings multifaceted experience from both in Industry and academia. He is specialized in Strategic Management, Human Resource Management and Business Analytics. He owns more than ten national and international publications and presented papers with institutes with national repute. Presently employed as Director with Jai Bharath School of Management Studies.