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Environment Club

This club ensures to spread awareness on environmental issues. This club aims at building an eco-friendly campus by initiating programmes like planting trees, preserving water resources and surroundings. The club is the driving force behind every environmental and sustainable activity, which aims to engage their community to promote sound environmental behaviour.


English Language Club

The English literary club aid the students to improve their English language proficiency and also act as a platform for them to exhibit their love for literature. The club members are supposed to be engaged in different activities associated with language acquisition. To master the language students are introduced to activity-based and task-oriented training methods which will ignite a profound love for language and literature in students.


Science Club

The science club intent and endeavours to organize thought-provoking activities to nurture every student’s curiosity and scientific knowledge. In this way, our club aims to build young minds who are able to face future challenges. The activities put forward by the Science Club makes the learning of science exciting. Besides, the club also instils a scientific attitude by imparting opportunities to apply this scientific knowledge to our daily life. Cultivating a community of science enthusiasts is one of our ultimate goals.


Tourism Club

The inauguration of the Tourism Club for B.Com Travel & Tourism students was a momentous event held at the MBA Block Auditorium on the 26th of September 2023. This event aimed to kickstart the club's activities and provide a platform for students to explore and promote the field of travel and tourism.The program commenced with a prayer, setting a serene and contemplative atmosphere. This was followed by a warm welcome speech by Mr. Shijad P A, Head of the Department of Commerce. His speech not only welcomed the attendees but also emphasized the significance of the Tourism Club in enhancing the educational experience of the students. The highlight of the event was the Presidential Address delivered by Dr. Nithesh K N, the Principal of the institution. Dr. Nithesh's address underscored the importance of tourism in today's globalized world and encouraged the students to actively participate in the club's activities.

An integral part of the inauguration was the ceremonial lighting of the lamp, symbolizing the enlightenment and knowledge that the Tourism Club would bring to its members. Following this, Mr. Shyam Krishnan, Secretary of District Tourism Council delivered the inaugural address, sharing insights into the vast opportunities and experiences that the world of tourism offers.

Sports Club

The activities offered by our sports club plays a vital role in changing the life of a student completely. The physical fitness of a student also ensures the mental wellbeing that protects them from stress. The activities aim to educate the students on achieving a healthy body and healthy mind. It also teaches the students temperament, discipline, life and career skills.



The NSS unit of our college delivers a platform to the students for community work and mounting a sense of envelopment in the errands of building a nation. NSS volunteers function to ensure that the living standard of an underprivileged person is improved. A range of activities is planned every academic year to steer the energy and optimism of students to creative quests. The ultimate aim is to spread awareness among students and society regarding many issues like health, sanitation, palliation, etc. In order to meet this purpose activities like health camps and cleanliness drives across campus and surrounding area are conducted to create awareness, and also to encourage people to work in the direction of a clean environment.