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Talent Assessment System

In the recent competitive world, where there is a huge pool of candidates, getting the right employee with the right skill set is a massive job. Almost every candidate edges out his/her competitor by just a fraction. Judging candidates’ capabilities and gathering the best workforce with the required technical, cognitive, and behavioral skills is a challenge by itself. Recruiters usually prefer to conduct unbiased recruitment tests giving them a clear picture of the technical and the soft skills of the candidates.
Of lately, criteria for career opportunities have drastically changed. Change has happened in areas such as technology and work environment, work culture,
and emotional and behavioral of candidates, affecting the overall selection process. Keeping in mind the constant change that is happening every moment, the IT Professionals Welfare Association has joined hands with Jaibharat College to come up with a Job Fitment Analysis, skill development, and overall work culture training for students.
The talent assessment center aims at making the recruitment procedure simpler than ever before, be it in any number. We are a team of psychometricians, statisticians, and industry leaders who are researching and developing the most effective digital assessment structure for various roles in any industry or organization. We create a Talent Pool, segregated based on such assessments, and present them for recruitment drives for various companies. We have helped leading companies in IT/ ITES, Pharmacy, Manufacturing, BFSI, and Automobiles, and other industries to get the apt workforce.


  • Increase the valudity of recruitment decision by up to 40%
  • Reduced the risk of a bad hire
  • Ensure consistency in recruitment by taking away human bias
  • Objective and formalize the interview process
  • Increase the sucess in the role
  • Enhance of employee capability level to meet current and future business needs
  • Access to additional information on candidates

A pioneer - highly experienced in testing and assessments for recruitment needs


Unique suite of recruitment assessment services to assess domain knowledge, specialized skill sets, cognitive ability and personality


Intelligent assessment automation platforms for smooth assessment delivery on a large scale


Dedicated in-house test content research and development team for developing proven assessment and test methodologies


SO 9001:2008 & 27001:2013 certified process for testing and assessment