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According to the Talent Edge 2020 survey report, the resume submitted by the 92% of the freshers are fake. This has led to the companies to look beyond much further than just the resume. An interactive resume game would catapult the genius ahead of everything else. Creating your resume would no longer be a big deal. It would help you engage yourself throughout in achieving yours goals. The old humdrum tale of resume making would no longer prevail. We focus on getting back at the high unemployment rates caused by the uneven talent market using our polished talent edge survey. We offer you the best ever resume with multi- disciplinary design using gamified resume preparation. This gives you a unique identity in a resume to help you gain the trust of your targeted companies which, in turn, gets you the job.Engage yourself to gain access to this one-stop destination and hit the progression bar all way from basic to the expert level.

Industry Membership

An industrial mentorship programme tailor-made for the young student tech-aspirants. Our aim is to help the graduating students connect with leading industry mentors to gain a stronger understanding of the professional workforce expectations, even before they step in. This can help assist you in acquiring the best of recommendations and industrial advice which, in turn, can help you prepare for the professional world awaiting you. Gain access to an experienced industry leader to help you reach your potential and offer you with long-term expert advice. At the end of the day, your network is your net worth.

AI Based Internship Finder

Ultimately, your quintessential goal is to get a foot in the door at a firm where you’re looking forward to build further in your career. Not every college or institute aims at training you specifically to meet the needs of the professional world. Around 80% of the companies in our country are mediocre and therefore lack a trainee unit. Such companies have no way other than to hire the ones, who has already been a part of an internship, to their yet-to-fill vacancies. The professional game has levelled up to an internship-based hiring. Ace up your hunt to identify your knowledge, potential and skills with our Internship Hunt programme. We help you find both free and paid internships that plays an essential role to get you ahead of your peers who, unfortunately, had to work for a job which was completely out of their field of study. This Internship Hunt programme can be the stepping stone to the beginning of your career. The more accurate internships you find, the higher your chance of landing you the job.

AI Based Job Portal

Our AI based job portal focus on matching the most-deserving opportunity to the most- deserving talent thereby stepping up the hiring process in its entirety. We offer an effective and efficient procedure of talent acquisition making it more intelligence-driven. This is the first ever AI based job portal introduced in Kerala. We have developed this job portal to get you the best job with the help of our step-by-step process of building you right from assisting you in finding you a right choice of career to pick the best of around 1000+ companies round the globe. Our motto is to get the best talent to be matched right to the best opportunity based on their merit and not their background. This makes way to demonstrate how you would carry forth a job even before you get the job. You can now effortlessly find out your career opportunity with best job search and hiring tools.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

ITPWCS Jobfitment Analysis Test. Gradually this is becoming an industry standard for freshers. Jobfitment Analysis test assesses the Persons Culture Fitness and Abilities , Emotional Quitient of a candidate for an IT jobs. its generally required by the companies at the time of recruitment.
ITPWCS helps a Freshers to self-assess themselves as where they stand against the job requirements of the their particular industries. Jobfitment assessment also provides scores and grades for each module attempted and highlights the required improvement area.
Yes, there is payment to appear for Jobfitment Analysis , Benefits Page
A student from any stream of education can take Jobfitment Analysis Test. Student from Degree, Diploma, ITI, Polytechnic having any branch like: Computers, Electronics and Tele communication , Management , Finance , etc. can appear for jobfitment Analysis test but each graduate have their own exam, to know more informations please contact +91 6282228991 / Mail to Info@itpwcs.i
Jobfitment Analysis checks your skills on Culture Fitness, Abilities, Situational Analysis on your domain (like Computer Science, Management,, Finance etc.).
Yes, placement assistance will be provided to Jobfitment analysis assessed candidates through the Dedicated Dashboard